Ref. 15 Guitar Amplifier or GP case. i/d W675 x D320 x H580 lid 515 base 65mm

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External dimensions are W705 x D350 x H745 (including castors)

Lift off lid. The base is fitted with two braked and two free 100mm swivel castors.
The case is made from 7mm Astroboard, a lightweight but very strong polypropylene honeycomb material. The case is fitted with interlocking aluminium sections to the joint edges to give a splash proof seal. Edges are fitted with 22 mm aluminium angle. Zinc coated pressed steel ball corners and edge brackets will increase strength and protection. The lid is secured to the base with four butterfly type catches.  A recessed sprung handle will be fitted to each end of the lid.

Contact us with you amp size and we will foam line to suit.

Price includes carriage and vat.